The opening speech Every country has something to say about their indigenous elders and the wisdom, knowledge and spirituality they’ve inherited. I’d always struggled to understand why here in the UK, a country that has the largest concentration of sacred sites per square mile than anywhere else on this planet, there is very little ancestral wisdom to be found today. Michael Tsarion’s research into the origins of humanity confirmed so many things I had intuitively felt, so I was thrilled when he agreed to be my Guest of Honour at the first ARC Convention in Bath, on the 20th-21st February 2010. The manipulation and control of authentic history is, in my opinion, the biggest conspiracy there is. All conspiracy has arisen from this one root, the ‘original conspiracy’ – the lies we have been told to distort and suppress mankind’s spiritual, ancestral heritage! The fact that the ‘powers-that-be’ continue to abuse the very same ancient knowledge, rituals and symbols that have been denied us, is not coincidental. Michael’s opening introduction profoundly kick-started the weekend. It was 9am. The room was packed and he was on top form, his delight obvious at being surrounded by the treasure trove of esoteric symbolism hidden within the architecture of the city. Even the fact that his eyes kept watering (because he’d woken up that morning with a cold) didn’t interrupt his flow… not for one second. Among the inspirational and empowering insights that Michael shared that morning were the following important points that are all too often overlooked; “If you put somebody on a pedestal, expect a kick in the face, ‘cos that’s exactly what you’re gonna  get. If you’re going to do that at all, put yourself there. You are the teacher, you are the shaman, you are the co-creator.” “Everything you hear today and during the weekend here is absolutely ultimately about yourself. Contemplate deeply on the fact that everything you hear on this kind of subject matter is testament to the fact that you are now on ‘holy ground’.” “In this game, we don’t need to be worrying about CCTV cameras and surveillance from Big Brother  – we need to be worrying about a higher form of surveillance… the surveillance of one’s own Higher Self.” For those who were there, it was a special moment and a true privilege to experience. On behalf of everyone present and the thousands who have watched this on YouTube since; thank you, Michael. 3gp. Format Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Y Byd! ~ Karen Michael Tsarions opening speech at the ARC Convention