The Age of Manipulation Trailer “The Age of Manipulation” The War on Consciousness  and the World's Awakening Michael Tsarion are presently working on a tri part     lecture on symbolism “The Age of Manipulation           Unslaved tour.             His first presentation on AOM was held in           Gothenburgh Sweden, in the spring of 2010. Michael Tsarion returns with an up-to-date follow-up of his acclaimed CONSPIRACY CON 2003 presentation The Subversive Use of Michael will analyze the subtextual messages embedded into recent movies, such as Avatar, Angels & Demons, Stepford Wives, Surrogates, and Minority Report, etc, and will examine the subliminal techniques of persuasion used in commonly viewed television commercials and advertisements. Other subjects to be discussed include psychology, sacred geometry, geomancy, astro-theology, numerology, magic and history. If you want to break through the mass hypnosis and learn how you are being controlled almost every minute of every day, then this mind-expanding and visually rich presentation will be your Red Pill. AOM ON YOU TUBE During his multimedia presentation, Michael will address the psychic dictatorship that prevents mankind from proactivel changing the world for the better and from unseating the hidden architects of control whose existence and agenda depends upon human ignorance and complicity.   Sacred Symbolism in the Media.