www.unslavedfilms.com www.unslavedfilms.com www.unslaved.com Quintus Silver: Codex and Riddles: (The Magician’s Compendium) Due out autumn 2011 Brain Training for Magician’s Witches, Wizards, and Sorcerers! You hold in your hand a book that has the power to change your life forever! Pierre Sabak under his assumed name Quintus Silver has composed approximately 550 riddles to test the most seasoned mind. These include anagrams, word puns, numerical sequences, and puzzles. Great for the school holidays! Already a renowned and controversial author of the Serpentigena Series Silver’s (Sabak) work is based on detailed and scholarly study of language within the ancient Mystery Schools. Learn to think like the Great Sages and unlock the hidden meaning to the inner Mysteries. You will learn how to empower yourself through language. A life changing book! Illustrated by Pierre Sabak, Cover Design and Layout by Anthony Foster Head over to Pierre's website: www.pierresabak.com to read more about the research that he does. Send an message to Pierre through the contact link in the menu if you have questions or any suggestions. An eminent professor A man with patience His name is Sir John Guess his profession and be gone An exquisite bird can not be seen or heard Adorned in crimson matching cap her beads are black A regal lady haunts the woods in flowering buds she likes to flaunt In meadows found all around On the ground and grassy knoll It has a head, body, foot and spine If you dissect it you will find its appendix Inside of its jacket between the sleeves