www.unslavedfilms.com www.unslavedfilms.com www.unslaved.com Pierre Sabak is currently writing a new major series of books. The Serpentigena describes how an Extraterrestrial Race conquered planet earth and has ruled over man's place for thousands of years. Head over to Pierre's website: www.pierresabak.com to read more about his research.  . Send Pierre a message through the contact link in the menu if you have questions or suggestions. Pierre Sabak did an special video presentation of him self and his research for the members at Unslaved Media and for his profile here on Unslaved Films. Click here to see the video in one piece at Unslaved Media, or download it. Pierre Sabak will attend as a speaker at The Big Awakening Conference 18/06 - 2011. More information about the conference and the speakers here. The German Nazi Priesthood and its relationship to Judaic-christian symbolism